Grikios black olives filled with fresh cheese


These are exceptionally savoury olives. The springy texture and slightly salty taste go perfectly with grilled vegetables, meat and casseroles. They also go very well with white wine. The black olive, whose deep aroma comes from the sun and blue skies of southern Europe. But there is something special about them – literally, because one bite is enough to discover the creamy filling of velvety cheese. The combination of these two flavours is completed by the aroma of the herbal marinade, which envelops the senses with the scent of the Mediterranean climate. Have we readied your appetite for this unique snack? If so, let us just add that its preparation takes exactly as much time as it does to take out the black olives stuffed with delicious cheese from a box. Now you can finally prepare a real feast for your family and friends in a few moments, turning lunch, dinner, a party or a romantic evening into an appetising fiesta.

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Grikios black olives filled with fresh cheese


Black goes well with everything! This is no different, with a dark olive filled to the brim with white cream cheese. This Mediterranean snack will delight the palates of family and friends invited for lunch, dinner or supper. It is also perfect for special occasions – a garden party, a celebration at home or a romantic evening. Simply serve as a classic antipasto with crackers or crispy toasts, plus a glass of white wine. You can also serve black olives stuffed with cheese as an addition to meat or pasta. They also work well in place of traditional finger foods. One thing is certain – no matter what the occasion, you will surely charm the palates of your family and friends, giving them the joy of eating together and yourself the pleasure of cooking in the Mediterranean style.

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Nutritional value

Apetyczna przekąska idealnie wpisuje się w zasady zbilansowanej diety. Inspiruje do kulinarnych poszukiwań i pozwala odkrywać nowe smaki.

Ingredients: Marinated black olives without stone 62 % (olives, salt, spirit vinegar, acids: citric acid, lactic acid, stabilizer: ferrous gluconate), rapeseed oil 25 %, cream cheese 11 % (cream cheese (from MILK), starch, salt, rapeseed oil, acid: citric acid), marinated red pepper (pepper, spirit vinegar, sugar, salt). The olives in the product may contain seeds or their fragments.

Allergens: Milk and derived products (including lactose)

Eat as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Suitable for vegetarians.

per 100 g
% RWS / 100 g
Energy value
861 kJ / 209 kcal
including saturated fats
20,80 g
4,60 g
including sugars
1,60 g
0,50 g
2,10 g
2,23 g
*NRV - Nutritional reference value applicable for an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal)


The practical packaging ensures the freshness of the olives and cheese and allows you to enjoy the deep aroma of snacks stored in the fridge. The easily removable lid also ensures that the contents are easy to open and put on a plate. The 200g capacity also means that you can have a fun time with your family and friends.

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