Grikios means cuisine with character

Grikios brand products will help you discover the true taste of Greece, and each bite will make you see picturesque views with the most beautiful landscapes of the archipelago.

  • Grikios offers interesting and tasty snacks and cheese to prepare salads and hot and cold dishes.

  • A range of products you like having on hand when meeting up with friends.

  • The style of everyday simple cooking inspired by healthy Mediterranean cuisine.

  • Inspiration to cook in a modern style, using original and sometimes traditional products.


Discover 3 unique types of our products:

Feta-type cheese

Traditional but served in a modern way

Halloumi-type cheese

Served warm and cold


Spicy but also sweet

The best ideas for...

mediterranean cuisine and snacks

We are proud that over many years of our presence on the market, we have always considered it a priority to produce valuable products, which, combined with education on how to prepare nutritious dishes, are often used in many households.

Grikios is a journey to a culinary world that is full of flavour, inspired by a diversified and energetic Mediterranean cuisine. It is a journey with a brand of products that is renowned and internationally recognised. 

When we talk about the Grikios brand, our imagination takes us to sunny Mediterranean beaches. We recollect the taste of the local cuisine and the pleasure of eating

What is Grikios like?

We have attributed qualities to our brand to help you understand and get to know it better. We are confident that Grikios is:

  • Sociable – cheese with vegetables is the best combination, like a meal in the company of your close ones, strengthening relationships

  • Pragmatic – the benefits of proper nutrition provided in a thoughtful and mature way

  • Familial – family is very important, including parents, partners and children. Treating them with respect, paying attention to their needs, and spending a lot of happy moments together.
  • Exceptional – you have so many warm memories associated with Grikios, it offers something unique that makes you choose it over other products.

  • Temperamental – as hot as the Greek sun, it lets you prepare excellent dishes with enthusiasm and passion

  • Optimistic – a cheerful personality and optimistic temperament contribute to the creation of fantastic dishes with a hint of radiant smile


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