Grikios awarded the Consumer’s Laurel!

Consumers have once again confirmed that they have the greatest trust in the Grikios brand.

The Grikios brand has been awarded the title of Grand Prix Consumer Laurel 2023 – a distinction awarded to the brand that has been continuously named by consumers and customers in a given category for 3 years.

Grikios is distinguished by the long-standing loyalty of respondents, who chose the brand in the poll in the category “Greek-type salad cheeses.” This answers the question for producers and customers: which products are currently the most popular in their group.

Grikios products are cheeses and snacks that inspire healthy, diverse and Mediterranean cooking. The emblem received defines the strong position of the brand and is proof that consumers appreciate the brand and recommend it to others. The results are independent and objective – participation in the survey is free.

The Consumer Laurel is one of the most important consumer certifications in Poland, with a significant impact on consumer purchasing decisions. As the survey shows, as many as 26% of those who pay attention to promotional signs chose the Consumer Laurel as the most reliable promotional emblem in Poland. Thus, this is an indicator of decision-making, confirming that other consumers choose and trust a particular brand.[1] This type of collective recommendation of consumer behavior, gives a picture of brand perception and a certain kind of emotional attachment.

Source: [1] laurk